Hiking and Trail Information on Mount Bierstadt
Colorado, USA (elevation 14,060 ft.)
Mount Bierstadt - Geological Marker at Summit
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NOTICE: Check Gaunella Pass Road Conditions before traveling. Contact Clear Creek County (303-569-3251).

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Mount Bierstadt is a fourteener in Colorado. Fourteeners are mountains with atleast 14,000 feet of elevation at their summit. Bierstadt is a great mountain to start on for those that are new to hiking fourteeners. It is still strenuos on beginner hikers but manageable if you pace yourself. It is highly recommended to prepare yourself physically before attempting any fourteener, plus, getting in shape beforehand will make the experience that much more enjoyable. Mount Bierstadt is also good for trail running or there are alternate routes for those interested in more technical hiking or climbing.

Mt. Bierstadt Trailhead Waypoint: N39 35.770 W105 42.611
Mt. Bierstadt Summit Waypoint: N39 34.958 W105 40.127
Mt. Bierstadt Main Trail Distance (out & back): 7 miles (approximate)
Mt. Bierstadt Main Trail Elevation Gain: 2530 feet (approximate)
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The trailhead is easily accessible from the Guanella Pass parking lot which usually allows for plenty of parking, but can become quite full on the summer weekends. There are also two toilet facilities. If you are hiking during the summer, it is a good idea to start early to avoid thunderstorms and lightning on the that usually arrive in the afternoon. Check the weather before you hike. There are great views, but expect a lot of company while hiking on the weekends in good weather.

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